Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Portrait of the artist as a young man

That, of course, would be Michael.

Through the 29th of June he has an exhibition in Perugia at the former Chiesa di Santa Maria della Misericordia on Via Oberdan in the centro storico. We were there on Sunday for the grand opening where Michael was feted by Perugia's unstoppable art critic Massimo Duranti... I shot this video before the crowds arrived with my N95 phone.


Jack Fulton said...

Double-checking the church where ME's ptgs. are displayed found me discovering your blog page with the short film made w/your phone. Amazing.
All is well in CA . . I'd rather be back in Roma w/all the gelato and roar of the crowd though I'll wager it is hot.
Jack Fulton

Anonymous said...

hey, i was there, i helped micey (aka MIcheal Eldridge) hang his show... i have the bruises to prove it... it was a well received show, attended by a sphisticated audience, who like Perugia itself (where the show was held) are eager for new experiences.. i can vouch for the peanuts which along with the wine, were well received by all visitors .. a stirling speech was given by the currator and art crtic M. Duranti.. he spoke of michael's vibrant use of colour, his palette of saturated hues, contentment with the medium and poetic interpretation of events and ideas... we all went home richer for the experience
alex king