Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dating tips from the church

Here's an interesting dating tip for us Catholics: don't marry a Muslim. According to Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the president of the Italian Bishops Conference, the children of a mixed Catholic-Muslim marriage may grow up to shun Christianity.

In Ruini's words:

“In addition to the problems that any couple encounters when forming a family, Catholics and Muslims have to reckon with the difficulties that inevitably arise from deep cultural differences.”

Ruini went on to say that if you absolutely must marry Muslim then you should make arrangements to keep the family in Italy. With such an open-minded attitude towards multi-culturalism, why go anywhere else?

The Church's decree comes at a bit of an awkward time. Italy has poor relations with its growing Muslim population. And so, in a gesture of inclusiveness, the government this week has formed an Islamic body that will help Muslims integrate themselves better in Italian culture. Sounds as if this will be hands-off consultation in the strictest sense of the term.


Anonymous said...

The Cardinal is being logical based on facts.

The Muslim male many times returns to his native country, where women have little rights.

Dating them, can lead to marriage. Furthurmore, Muslim women cannot marry out of their faith, so why are Christians allowing it freely, knowing the total opposite beliefs? And, the children will be raised Muslim.
Rarely do the males convert.

I say, bravo to the Cardinal.
Been there

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