Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nero on the stand

I've been out of the country for (far) too long. Yes, this is the beginnings of a sheepish apology for failing to update Il Sette Bello. Where have I been? Loitering in a court house in south London.

But, as of last weekend, I'm back in Rome and looking forward to sampling as much of la dolce vita (while eking out a living) as I can. First stop? Back to court this evening. Well, sort of. The city of Rome has been putting on mock trials for its ancient founders. Last week, Julius Caesar. (Xtina voted him "thumbs downing," saying he was a marauding imperialist who nearly destroyed the Empire. The crowd, sentimental to a conquering hero, pardoned his sins.) Tonight, it's Nero. What possibly could one say in defense of Nero? Xtina has already been lobbying me. He was a disturbed, irrational boy, in over his head, she pleads. Sounds guilty to me.

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