Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A smile to light up the room

This weekend, Xtina, her father and I went to visit Giuseppe Agozzino, a delightful old illustrator/artist whose cramped, one-window studio lies below Perugia's main square. Centuries ago, the studio was a temporary cell of sorts -- the very place where church officials would lock up the cardinals to vote on the next pope. According to Agozzino, five popes were selected in conclaves held in these narrow dwellings.

Today, the barren room is locally famous for its 80-something-year-old tenant, Agozzino. A tireless promoter of all things Umbrian, Agozzino now spends his day illustrating, philosophizing and sharing incredible tales of his travels and past encounters with some of the art world greats. Upon leaving, Agozzino presented us with this. I'm keeping the artist's name a secret for now. But suffice to say, we are thrilled with our new smiley face. Posted by Picasa

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