Monday, September 18, 2006

Why do Romans hate Milan? Perhaps it's the undies

This post comes to us from Milan, by way of a loyal reader in London.
But first, some background:

Milan, according to i Romani, is another country, another planet maybe. The Milanese, of course, feel the same way about the Romans, (perhaps with a bit more charitable view of Rome than its natives). Me, I like both cities. But I probably wouldn't ever leave Roma for Milan. It's probably because I hear so often Romans agitating about the fear of being relocated to Milan. (Londoners, think Birmingham. Right. Scary!). This sense of different-ness was recently reinforced by a tale now making the rounds in Rome among our friends. Francesco quit a perfectly good job, the story goes, this summer when work relocated him to Milan. The Romans applauded this bold move. I wasn't so sure. But then he found another good job in a dumpy town south of here, Pomezia. He couldn't be more happy today. No more 4-hr train trips back and forth between Rome and Milan twice a week.

How, is this background for a story about SMS alerts for laundry? Think different-ness. In balmy Rome the weather rarely changes. It's sunny all the time. Thus, no need for the service described in the article. But, the Milanese apparently have the Romans beat in the underwear department, I type with a scowl as I look out into my courtyard, house dresses flapping in the breeze.

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Anonymous said...

L'italia è bella perché varia =)