Monday, June 23, 2008

Watching Azzurri fans turn blue

Triple-digit temps is not helping the mood of most Italians today who watched in anguish as The Azzurri crashed out of the Euro 2008 tourney last night with an anemic 4-2 penalty shootout loss to Spain, the first loss to Spain in 88 years.

Tension was high when the two sides went into the penalty round. Here's how the drama played out from our perch at Piazza del' Gazometro last night.


Anonymous said...

Bern - is watching the Euro 2008 tourney at Piazza del' Gazometro the equivalent of watching the NFL playoffs at Coopers Pond?

The US really has no grasp on 'football'...

Bernhard Warner said...

Ciao Ed.

Watching the NFL at Coopers Pond in Bergenfield vs. the Euro Cup in a square in Rome? There are more similarities than you might think, Ed. For example, the screening was held just feet away from a dubious environmental hazard (in this case, Gazometro, a massive natural gas depot). The locals were pulling for the guys in blue. And, like Bergenfield, the women cheered louder than the guys... that clear things up? ;-)