Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marche, as the church saw it

Here's a wall map mural from the 1500s found in the famous Vatican Map room. It shows the provincia di Ascoli Piceno "back in the day." Yes, I'm a total map geek. Naturally, I zoom in on "Mandola," 16th Century shorthand for "Amandola," evidently.


Chuck Paolino said...

Is that near Ancona?

Bernhard Warner said...

Is this the same Chuck Paolino who patiently edited me back in the day? If so, it's great to see your name here. I'm having a pang of nostalgia for the old days in E. Brunswick.

Erm, yes, the Piceno province is south of Ancona. Ancona, for Italian geography buffs, is the capital city of the Marche region. The video is now up, but it's not clear from my poor video-camera reportage exactly where in Italy this all is. It's Central Italy on the east coast south of Emilia Romagna and east of Tuscany and Umbria. And, a bit closer to here, the Vatican has the best map room, and not a bad art collection. Some funky modern stuff as well.