Thursday, June 22, 2006

When in Rome...

Last weekend we had a visitor. I mentioned my friend Jeff in a previous post here. He's one of a handful of journalists picked to participate in the prestigious Templeton Foundation. His mission: a summerlong sojourn in Europe looking for God. Naturally, one might choose Roma as a good starting point for such a spiritual jouney. Xtina and I picked him up at the airport Friday night and showed him a different side of the Eternal City: a decadent, fleshy, layabout 3 days of sun, heaping dishes of seafood, vino italiano and deep conversation about the merits of gelato, pizza and generous annual vacation packages. Back in Cambridge now, here's Jeff's recap. Warning some of the pics may be NSFW -- not suitable for workaholics.


Anonymous said...

i'd love to know the name of that "amazing little restaurant where no one speaks English, everyone goes off the menu" your friend mentions..... please?

Bernhard Warner said...

the name of the restaurant is "Mama Angelina," a precious tip offered by a very snobby Roman. Ordinarily, I wouldn't pass it on. But if you can find it, bravo! Plus, I would never deny a Sette Bello reader an juicy dining tip.

It's on Via Boito, off Viale Somalia. If you're familiar with Roma, this neighborhood is off the Salaria in the direction of Settebagni. Buona fortuna!