Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rome, from pilgrimage to pub crawl

Once again Peter Kiefer at the Times writes a gem about life here in Rome, this time about those hard-drinking, hard-partying tourists who, to the chagrin of the locals, turn Campo dei Fiori and Trastevere into heaving party spots when the sun goes down. I've had a few drinks with Peter in Campo dei Fiori. He knows what he writes about.

Not sure I understand fully this quote though:

“Why would you come to Rome to drink beer when you can do that anywhere else in the world?” said Giuseppe Strappa, an architect and professor who has written extensively on the changing face of Rome’s historic center. “The value of Rome is its urban tissue.”

Urban tissue? Must be what the young clubbers are taking these days.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Tragic literal translation of "tessuto urbano" -- not sure how I would say that, something like atmosphere, without the urban?
Astonishing that would get through the editing process at the NYT.

Tom said...

Simple translation -- urban fabric. Term often used by architects and people who work with and study cities.