Monday, July 02, 2007

Living la vita trasloco

Xtina and I are in our final hours here in Monteverde. Yep, stiamo traslocando. Moving.

A single rep from the moving company arrived this morning, a massive Eastern European of indistinguishable nationality who's worked through the day, disassembling everything in a blur of quiet productivity. Leaving, he asks if he can come a half-hour earlier tomorrow to finish. Gotta love EU expansion!

Scanning the flat, we are in a strange place, technically it's still ours till Thursday, but it will be stripped bare in the next day. At the moment, boxes are piled to the ceiling and dust bunnies the size of Fiat Cinquecentos tumble down the halls, High Noon style. I better get the aspira polvera ready.

What does this all mean for Il Sette Bello readers? Readers should continue to communicate with us electronically. The physical post will be no better in Garbatella. Also, we will be vagabonds for the next, at a minimum, six weeks, which could explain the lack of posts. Oh, and it's summer too.

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