Thursday, August 30, 2007

Changes at the top

Attentive reader, you no doubt have spotted a small edit at the top of this blog in the space designated for, to use newspaper speak, the "sub-hed". A few years ago I thought the most apt description for this blog was the ancient Roman phrase "Hic sunt leones", which I had interpreted as "from here, be lions".

Over pizza and wine last night, I was informed that this is not 100 percent correct. The Italians translate it to "qui ci sono i leoni" or simply "here be lions". There is more than a subtle difference. My interpretation suggests that just beyond this point, it is not safe to tread. But from where I stand, it's probably OK. Probably. Whereas, the ancient Romans used the expression to say that this whole damn place is unsafe to tread. How unsafe? There's lions, amico. Nuff said.

A special thanks to the always attentive (some might say, "disagreeable") Luca for pointing this out.

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