Saturday, August 18, 2007

Miss Patata Rossa 2007

It's sagra season, that time of year when every paesino, frazione and localita' aims to best their neighbor with the most sumptuous menu. It has to be getting tough on these little communities, what with la sagra delle cozze (mussels) in Pedaso, polenta in the next town and lasagna elsewhere. How can a town on a tight budget compete? Take a lesson from Colfiorito, a little town (pop. poco) on the Umbria-Marche border, that has rolled out a daring publicity campaign this year for its annual patata rossa (red potatoes) festival. The town has one major asset in the publicity department, a two-lane superstrada blows right through the middle of it, perfect for catching the attention of motorists. How is Colfiorito selling the red potatoes this year? With S-E-X, evidently. It's the "XXX Sagra della patata rossa".

Xtina points out it's merely the 30th annual festival, but the queue to get in would suggest otherwise.


Anonymous said...

what's even funnier is "patata" is also a nickname for female genital! so that's makes the XXX all the more ambiguous (=

Bernhard Warner said...

purely for the illumination of our readers, how might "patata" be used in an expression on the streets of Roma? ;-)