Sunday, November 28, 2010

OK, who brought the monkey?

It's not really Thanksgiving tradition to bring a monkey to the festivities, but I can recall over the years sitting down to the table with a primate or two. Heck, I've brought a few myself to the family feast as dates, and it always ended reasonably well. No food being tossed at the other guests. Rarely a high-pitched shriek mid-conversation. And the kids seemed to enjoy their company.

So when we got a call this week from Simo to ask if he could bring a guest – a well-behaved simian, Toto', he informed us – to what's become an annual Rome Thanksgiving meal, I figured, myeah, why not? Xtina and I have become expert zoo keepers these days with our little duo. What could go wrong?

Then I had second thoughts. What if Simo is not speaking metaphorically. What if it's an actual monkey. That kind of primate we've never had at a Thanksgiving meal. Not that I know of, anyhow.

How'd it turn out? Judge for yourself.

Right. Not the worst-behaved primate at the party. Toto', you're always welcome to join us at Thanksgiving.

For those who are wondering: Toto' is a 6-month-old capuchin monkey.

Btw... the turkey/stuffing combo once again rocked! The trick to tasty turkey, I'm convinced: pack it with as much pork product as you can find.

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