Friday, August 26, 2005

Bonnes Vacances, French style

Finally, I've posted photos from our tour of Northern France. The food, weather and hospitality were all incredible. I wish I could say the same for the Peugot rental car, which incredibly has a plastic chasis that we nearly left on some side street in Douarnenez one morning.

In ten days, we covered Normandy and Brittany in the north and then hooked due east for the Loire Valley before ending north of Paris. In case you're interested, we started in Calais (ferry landing) before heading to Dieppe in Normandy. From there, we visited Rouen (where the English cooked Joan of Arc) and surrounding countryside. Then on to Caen (home of the D-Day Museum), the beaches of Normandy and Le Mont-St-Michel. We stayed the next few days in the incredibly romantic fortified sea town of St. Malo where we visited Cancale (home of fantastic oysters) and Dinan. Then off to the magical red granite coast of Brittany and on to Aber Wrac'h, a fjord town that seemed more Nordic to us. Then south to Douarnenez and Pointe du Raz before further south still to Quimper and Concarneau. Finally, we swung east to Loire country to stay at Claude's.

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