Monday, October 31, 2005

A hunting we will go...

Back from truffle hunting in the hills north of Acqualagna, one of just a few places on earth where the mysterious, tasty and very rare white truffle can be found a few below the earth. We were graciously escorted at one point by Jack, a part-pointer pooch, and his spear-carrying owner Iulis. How'd we fare? Check out the photos! (And apologies if the blog today smells a bit like musty old shoes. That would be the truffles.)

For the uninitiated, truffles are an acquired taste, like powerful mushrooms. (No, not those powerful shrooms.) The black truffles are more common and not altogether remarkable. The white truffles are heavenly. I would gladly pay a fortune for a nice pasta dish dripping in white truffle sauce. Luckily, in Acqualagna you can get a dish, served on plastic plates for a tenner.

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