Thursday, September 20, 2007

Danger: over-protecting, animal-loving note ahead

Over the past month of so, I've been following the incredible journey of some Austrians and Italians guiding endangered birds on a 900 km route to new wintering grounds in Tuscany. This week, they finally arrived, a few weeks late, and with fewer than expected actually completing the journey. Still, they made it, including this mischievous one (pictured above) who I think is nicknamed "Arturo".

But now things get tricky. In past years, local hunters have taken aim at these rare birds, killing 3 as they feed in nearby fields. So, for my Tuscan readers (or those who may be hunting in Tuscany this autumn), don't FIRE at this bird! It's hardly worth the effort! They are not the fleetest species. It would be about as sporty as shooting the neighbor's dog. Chained to a tree. Yes, I hear they are mighty tasty, but still. Capite?

They were wiped off the map by Europeans 400 years ago. With any luck, they'll be back.

Gentili cacciatori Toscani,

Non uccidete questi uccelli!



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