Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why nuns rule

As some of you probably know, Xtina and I are living with nuns. We moved in two weeks ago for what we thought would be a two-week stay. Two weeks in, we're sticking it out for another two (at least). Sure, there are drawbacks. Certain popular street terminology is deemed "inappropriate" in these quiet halls. And the curfew puts a crimp on our social life. Try telling Romans we have to meet at 8 for dinner! Ma che dici?!?

But these are minor inconveniences. The upside is far greater. So much so that I feel I should share it with those of you who may be considering perhaps spending a few weeks/months/a lifetime in a convent.

But, before I get into that, I should clarify a few common misconceptions about our time in the convent.

- We are not being filmed 24/7 by a reality TV production team from Mediaset.
- Morning prayers is not mandatory.
- Xtina and I are permitted to walk these halls free of head coverings.

Ok, now for my top 10 reasons why nuns rule:

1) Broadband
3) catchy music you can clap to
4) Monday night Trivial Pursuit tournaments. For cash
5) Endless priest jokes
6) Did I mention "quiet"?
7) Friday night disco. ...Ok, still just a proposal
8) Not a single image of Padre Pio. Perhaps the only Padre Pio-free zone left in Rome
9) Inspiring organ-themed wake-up music
10) The sing-alongs

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