Sunday, February 12, 2006

The agony of defeat, chronicled

Sports fans, DFL is back!

During the Athens Olympics Games, when I was toiling away for the Baron, I wrote this article about a Canadien blogger who tracked last-place finishers for every event. As only a blogger can, DFL is once again recording the achievements of the games' loveable losers so history doesn't forget them. Why is this necessary? Because the media and Olympics organisers tend to heap all the attention on the winners. So predictable.

*In case you're wondering D = dead; L = last; F = exactly. Also, DFL was experiencing some connection problems this morning. We hope it's back up in time for today's Ski jump preliminaries or the 30km cross-country ski pursuit race. And, to put yesterday's 16-zip mauling of the Italian women's ice hockey squad in proper historical perspective. Ouch!


mcwetboy said...

There you are! I was wondering whether you were still at Reuters. That story of yours really got around; between you and the fellow from AFP, I think I got translated into every language in the planet . . .

My hosting provider seems to be having some server issues this morning. All my sites are down. I really hope that (a) they get it fixed soon and (b) it's not something I did.

Bernhard Warner said...

Ciao, amico. Great to hear from you. I am very pleased to see you've resuscitated DFL for Torino. Now please pay your bills so the world can follow your inspiring work. ;-)

As for me, life is a bit different for me since the last we spoke. I left the Reuters grind a year ago to pursue danger and romance in Roma. I still freelance the odd story... In fact, I intend to drop my old mates at Reuters a note about your site. There's no reason they can't do a Winter Olympics update. Hopefully, the editors this time won't insist on putting the word blog in "-"

Forza Italia! (this is not an endorsement of the Berlusconi Administration)