Monday, February 27, 2006

Olympics: the food and wine post

Most journalists have departed Torino by now. Thankfully, the curling and the x-country skiing is finito, freeing up your intrepid correspondents to write about serious stuff:: il cibo e vino di Piemonte. Thankfully, the food and wine critics penned some well-deserved critiques on the Barolo, chocolate, chocolate again, and gelato.

And bravo to the SF Chronicle for this intrepid piece on the Slow Food movement. What is Slow Food? Well, the ingredients are locally sourced and the preparations, specific to regional traditions and tastes, take hours -- an antithetical notion in this era of the golden arches. For Xmas, Cristina and I received the annual Slow Food Editore "Osterie d'Italia". We rarely leave the house without it. The number of tiny, out-of-the-way trattorie highlighted in this book is a sheer marvel. It's a great way to explore the back roads of Italy: with your appetite to guide you.

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