Friday, February 03, 2006

Back in town

Ciao, tutti

My meanderings are over. Where have I been? A week in the northern region of Trentino/Alto Adige where I got in some fantastic skiing thanks to my gracious Sicilian host and then London to blog a trade show about retailing. Sadly, my digital camera has gone haywire on me (does anybody have a cure for a Sony Cybershot that eats batteries?). Otherwise, I'd have molte fotografie per voi. The photo here is of the Grupo Brenta, a rugged stretch of the Dolomites, still the most beautiful mountain range I've ever seen.

Annexed to Italy after WW1, the Alto Adige part of the region is German/Austrian in flavor. The lingua prima is German and the wines of choice are Riesling, Gerwitztraminer and Müller-Thurgau. And now, to the chagrin of Italians, there are fresh rumblings that the good people of Alto Adige (or Sud Tyrol) have requested "the protection and guardianship" of not Rome, but Vienna. If your choices for military protection come down to the Italian or Austrian armies, you have big problems.

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