Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brunello di Time Warner?

What does a CEO do to unwind from the daily rigors of defending a sprawling $43 billion media empire from corporate raider Carl Icahn? If you're Time Warner boss Dick Parsons, you cultivate wine. Parsons recently acquired a prime vineyard in Tuscany's Montalcino region, home to the famous Brunello. This weekend at the annual fiera di Brunello, Parsons' first batch will be sampled by the public. For the megawealthy, buying Italian vineyards has become al corrente. Last Autumn, Russian oligarch and Chelsea football chief Roman Abramovich set aside 10 million pounds from his personal stache and was hunting for a plot in the Umbria/Tuscany regions.

If I had discretionary income to pluck down on a vineyard it would have to be in the Trentino/Alto Adige region. Who's willing to back me?


Anonymous said...


What does a porn star do after a hard day on the set? Same thing Richard Parsons does: drinks a bottle of her vanity-label wine. This one, evidently, is actually quite good. "Pert, sassy, with an ass that just won't quit," said noted wine critic I.P Daily.

Full story here:

Bernhard Warner said...

I'd like to taste me some of that!