Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sometimes early is too early

In journalism, sometimes it's better if you're not too early, too ahead of the pack. I whipped up a small article Tuesday morning about suspected Muslims hackers attacking Danish Web sites, the cyber-version of the street protests over the publication of cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed. The editor at PcPro was pleased to have the semi-scoop. On Tuesday, my compatriots in the media, it seemed, had little interest in pursuing the story. This is a fresh, albeit quirky, angle on the biggest story of the week and nothing but crickets! I was mightily perplexed. Eventually, the found the article and the traffic started pouring into the PcPro site, the editor informed me. But otherwise, few other journalists were touching the story. Today I wake up and Wham! The story is everywhere. The Guardian, Reuters, the Beeb. Meanwhile, the piece I did for PcPro is now bottom of the heap on Google News. :-(

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Allahu akbar!